Content Operations Specialist - DFS91121103 in Hong Kong at DFS

發布日期 6/11/2021



This role will collaborate with both internal departments and external brand partners to onboard brand partners with DFS omni channel platforms, ensure the brand boutique has been build and maintained up to date, latest product has been reflected online, content being optimized, categories are proper maintained, to drive both online and offline and optimize customer experience.

Key Responsibilities:
Brand pitching:
• Work with product development team to create pitch decks & offer exceptional experience with brands onboarding with DFS omni channels. Brand onboarding & brand page building & refreshing:
• Work with merchant team & all DFS brands vendor, to keep online assortment refreshed timely, including create SOPs, keep progress on track, with trackers and reporting provided regularly.
• Proactively communicating with brand provide advise / solutions to brands. Omni Channel operation:
• Work with brands to keep brand boutique updated.
• Manage platform operation and marketing hierarchy operations.
• Collaborate closely internal stakeholders and agency to continuously optimize search function. Campaigns/Live Streaming/Micro- EC site:
• Work with internal stakeholders to provide support regarding campaigns/LS/Micro-site, on a timely manner and raise risk if any, with project management involved.
• Continuous communication with internal and external parties to ensure a seamless project flow.
• Provide advice and suggestions whenever necessary & manage expectation when needed. Product development:
• Collaborate with teams for product development, make requirements, UAT, new sprint pre-launching preparation etc.
• Work with IT closely on system enhancement.

Key Requirements:

• Relevant experience in E-Commerce or Digital Content Management
• Relevant product development knowledge, IT knowledge a plus
• Familiar with deck creation & confident presentation skill
• With good creative sense and able to guide agency for product creative