HR Administration Specialist - DFS5882234 a Venice In DFS

Data di pubblicazione: 12/2/2019


Descrizione del lavoro

The HR Administration Specialist role is to ensure that our employees are scheduled effectively to meet the varying levels of work and customer flows within our operations. With responsibility for preparing the staff schedules for all of their location teams, they ensure the operation has appropriate floor coverage at the appropriate times based on the location customer flows and event schedules, manages time and attendance record keeping, ensures training and payroll processing administration is efficiently handled, and the approved leave periods for our team are accurately reflected in our schedules and staff records.

Key Responsibilities:
Staff Scheduling, Productivity Reporting & Payroll Administration
• Prepare and issue an effective monthly staff schedule for all teams in the location(s)
• Coverage and schedule preparation is to be timely and prepared in close liaison with the relevant Team Leader and Sales department Manager for an understanding for required staff coverage in consideration of relevant business needs, events, predicted customer traffic and work flows, internal and vendor training, and remains aligned with staff policies, regulations
• Track and reflect approved staff leaves in the location schedules
• Collate staff leave requests for review and approval, with appropriate consideration of forecasted business needs including scheduled location events, employee request context and in line with relevant employee regulations, policies, procedures and leave benefit entitlements
• Receive, action, record and communicate amendments to staff schedules when unforeseen adjustments are required
• Ensure that all employees have a clear contact point for calling in with updates or changes relating to attendance and punctuality. Monitor, record, action and communicate these updates internally to the appropriate line manager and Human Resources contact for appropriate follow up action
• Action time and attendance record keeping for accurate processing and record keeping. Ensures all required paperwork is promptly forwarded, liaising with Human Resources (HR) for accurate payroll processing and employee entitlements record keeping
• Prepare regular reports on attendance and punctuality for Manager to review and work with appropriate team line managers for staff coaching and resolution
• Maintain the store team’s leave accrual records and regularly reports on leave liability balances
• Assist to coordinate and internally communicate approved staff training and relevant staff attendance schedules.

Key Requirements:
- Bachelor Degree in Management, Business or equivalent preferred but not essential - 2 years in retail enviroment - Fluent in English language - Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications